Machine Shop Services in Elizabeth, New Jersey

At Pabst Enterprises Equipment Co., Inc. we have 15,000 sq. ft. in machine shop production and manufacturing facilities. We use trusted, well-tested machinery and well-known brands in our machine shop production facilities. With our quality control facilities and commitment to excellence in production, Pabst ensures excellent machine shop work. We have eighty years of excellence to uphold — and we’re committed to delivering more of what’s kept us in business so many years.

Rush Machine Shop Services

Production schedules and inventory needs can change quickly. If you need it fast, We specialize in rush jobs and fast production — we understand your business depends on our speed. Pabst Enterprises Equipment Co., Inc. can produce your machining work quickly and correctly, ensuring you remain in operation.

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Machine Shop Equipment


Our CNC machines ensure precise and accurate output of your parts and units, whatever your industry. Pabst Enterprises Equipment Co., Inc. can ensure your items are precisely made and delivered on schedule.

Qty. Item Capability
1 Clausing Kondia Machining Center 33” Lg 18″ W x 15″ H
880 Lb Work Load
1 Trak DPM Machining Center 42″ Lg x 24″ W x 24″ High
1400 Lb Work Load


At Pabst Enterprises Equipment Co., Inc., we pride ourselves on outputting the finest machine shop work, regardless of industry. Our clients trust us to produce excellent quality work every time — whether it’s a rush job or a long deadline, Pabst can ensure your production and keep your business in motion.

Qty. Item Capability
1 Poreba Lathe 192” Long 38″ Swing
1 Sidney Lathe 109″ Long 21 1/2″ Swing
1 Sidney Lathe 78″ Long 16″ Swing
1 Tos Trenein SN50C 90” Long 9″ Swing

Jig Boring

Since 1934, Pabst Enterprises Equipment Co., Inc. has been committed to delivering top-quality machine shop work. As an essential part of any quality-committed machine shop, our jig boring machines are operated by highly-skilled, experienced machinists.

Qty. Item Capability
1 DeVlieg Jig Mill 3H-72
with CNC Retrofit
6’ L x 4’ H cap
1 DeVlieg Jig Mil 3H-48
with Digital Readout System
4’ L x 4’ H cap

Drill Presses

Our drill presses are tried-and-true, well-proven machines capable of versatile machine shop work, operated by trained and experienced professionals. Each part of our machine shop, from drill presses to the administrative office, is dedicated to the fast and accurate production of your units or end-products.

Qty. Item
1 Fosdick Radial 4’ x 3’ H #4 Taper
6 Walker Turners 1 Spindle Floor Model
1 Fosdick #5BM 1 Spindle Floor Model


Our keyseating machine is a proven, quality machine capable of seating keys in a variety of settings. As a part of our quality commitment, Pabst Enterprises Equipment Co., Inc. ensures your products are quickly and accurately produced to your exact specifications.

Qty. Item Capability
1 Mitts & Merril #4 1/8” 3” Internal Key Cutting 3” Wide x 18” Long cap


As an essential part of any machine shop, our saws are tested, industry-standard machines capable of cutting a variety of materials. At Pabst, we ensure all machinery is operated by trained professionals absolutely committed to adhering to your production specifications and delivering your parts or units when you need them.

Qty. Item
1 Do All #V26 Band Saw 26” Throat 12” High

Milling Machines

At Pabst Enterprises Equipment Co., Inc. our machine shop milling machines have a versatile and wide capability, ensuring quality production in a number of differing industries. No matter the vertical, Pabst ensures top-quality machine shop workmanship and on-schedule production, keeping your business in motion.

Qty. Item
4 Bridgeports Series 2J Vertical Miller
1 Cincinnati Universal #2M1 Horizontal Miller

Welding Machines

Our welding machines are operated by trained professionals with decades of experience in some cases. This ensures our commitment to quality — one we’ve held since 1934. That’s over eighty years in producing excellent machine shop quality.

Qty. Item
1 Miller Synchrowave 300
1 D.C. Bumble Bee Air Reduction
1 Millermatic 252 Mig
1 Lincoln Portable G8000
1 Miller Millermatic 200 Mig

Grinding Machines

As a part of our machine shop capability, our grinding machines assist us in creating the units you need to the specifications you require. Operated by experienced machinists, our grinding machines are proven-quality machines with excellent production records.

Qty. Item Capability
2 Reid precision surface grinders #2 – 6″ x 1 2″
1 Hammond Carbide Tool Grinder #WD-6
1 Gallmeyer & Livingston Surface Grinder 8″ x 24″
1 #1 8 Blanchard Grinder 36″ Capacity

Plasma Cutters

As an essential part of our machine shop workflow, our plasma cutters are from a trusted, top-quality brand with a wide capacity for any machine shop job in any industry. Pabst Enterprises Equipment Co., Inc. can ensure your units are produced accurately and on time.

Qty. Item Capability
1 Power Max 85 1″